HEC rating

The Higher Education Commission has developed the first ever ‘Ranking of Universities’ for
Pakistan. The ranking methodology has been developed by the HEC Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) through a transparent consultative process in which various leading international ranking practices and systems were analyzed.
 The primary purpose of the ranking exercise conducted by the Higher Education Commission is to share with the General Public comprehensive data on the key issues that determine the state of higher education in a particular institution. This information is being published to disseminate information on key indicators of higher education institutions in

Pakistan to allow students, parents and all other stake holders to make informed decisions on higher education institutions. It also provides a transparent mechanism to universities on how they compare against their peers. The methodology adopted in the publication of these university rankings was developed by the Quality Assurance Committee. The process of data collection for the ranking exercise was implemented specific to the ranking criteria approved by the Commission. An extensive questionnaire was developed and sent to all universities for completion. On receipt of the data from the Universities, the HEC conducted an exhaustive process of vetting to ensure that the data provided by the universities was indeed accurate. In the published rating HEC has analyzed and evaluated the performance of different universities on the basis of 5 criteria i.e. Faculty, Research, Student, Facilities and Finances. The evaluation is done on the basis of Performa which has been sent to all the universities of

Pakistan.  University rankings are inherently controversial, and no ranking is absolutely objective. IBM has been rated 6th in that ranking, which is a substandard rating. Either the HEC took biased decision or the exaggerated information was provided by other universities. HEC should have validated the accuracy of the provided data before evaluating. 



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